Where does Anderson Woodwrights fall in the scheme of what is bes

sandra_zone6October 11, 2013

So today I went off to a dealer who carries Marvin Integrity and Ultimate as well as Anderson Woodwright, A and 400 series tilt. He isn't done with the quote, but did the main 17 windows so I could see prices differences.

Yesterday I was quoted $19K for 17 windows from Marvin Infinity, that includes installation. Today I was quoted $9740 for 17 windows from Anderson Woodwright, $8552 from Anderson 400 Series Tilt-Wash, not including installation. If installation was 250.00 per window, that's still at least $6K still in my pocket.

So where does Anderson rate in the grand scheme of window offerings? My appointment to see Okna Starmark, 800 and Sunrise Verde windows is next week. How do all these windows line up? Also, is mold truly a concern with Vinyl? I've read some stories. I am in the Northeast in a 1984 home.

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Mold is more of a concern with wood. The starmark and Okna will have much better performance and structural numbers than any of the wood windows you mentioned.

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While mold may be more of a problem with wood than vinyl, I doubt that you will have a mold problem in any window unless you live in the rain forest!

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You are looking at very solid options on all fronts and MWM eluded to.

Have you decided what interior look you are going for?

That will more likely be the determinant of what you ultimately go with.

I think the mold/mildew claim is overstate and does not play here if the windows are installed correctly.

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I have walnut stained trim throughout my house, so a stainable finish would be preferred. We do however, have an off-white interior on our front door which is surrounded by the walnut trim. I don't know if it would be acceptable to go with an off-white interior on the windows as well. I know white just doesn't fly in our home; it would mean a complete re-do of the entire house and that just isn't going to happen. We went with warm colors on the exterior as well, so we have off-white on the exterior windows as well.

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The Starmarks, when stained by a capable finisher, can look quite good.

I have also seen the Infinity done up and she is a real stunner too.

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