Bi-fold door adjustment and repair?

spedprofAugust 30, 2008


I have a 2 year old bi-fold door that has the usual bottom pin sitting in the 2 inch channel. However, this pin is threaded and adjustable to provide the exact door height needed. What happens, though, is that over a period of weeks or a few months of opening and closing, the door gets lower and eventually slips out of the top channel. I assume the bottom pin is losing just a bit every time it swivels in the channel. If I remove the door, reset the bottom pin, it is fine for a few months.

Is there a way of locking that bottom pin so that it swivels as needed in the bottom channel but only goes back and forth and not get shortened?

Thanks in advance.

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With enough door height above the track, you can add a jamb nut on the bottom pin. You could also use a drop of thread-lock, available at auotu parts stores.

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