smelly woodwork

mrminrmAugust 12, 2007

The building where I work has many offices. One of these has built-in bookcases. There is an awful odor that comes out of these bookcases. It smells like vomit - really! The maintenance people say it is not the paint, and the rest of the building is painted in the same paint and it does not smell. The housekeeping dept. has wiped out the cabinet several times, yet the room still smells. I would love this room as my office-any ideas on identifying and removing the smell?

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I've noticed a similar aroma from unfinished white oak. Do the bookshelves have unseen surfaces that are not finished?

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From what I can tell, everything is made of pine and pine finished plywood. The paint is latex. There are drawers that are painted on the inside, but if you take them out, they are unpainted underneath. Yesterday I scrubbed everything down with clorox and then rinsed with white vinegar/water solution. But the areas that are closed up, like the drawers, still have a faint odor.
I am beginning to think it is something in the resin of the wood and the latex just does not seal it. Does this sound possible? Is there any way to get rid of this smell other than painting?

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