B & D Miter Saw #1703 Frozen Blade

blueberrier1August 29, 2008

Have had this saw since new for over 12+ years. After 5 minutes "rest" between 2x4 cuts, there is a constant piercing squeal and no blade rotation. No lodged wood pieces under canopy.

Costs 25-30$ for assesment. Lost the manual, but a replacement is on the way from the co..

Would you personally spend time "tinkering"...ie. take apart, clean all crevices. oil? Or,would you suggest following the sales for a replacement? I was unable to find a troubleshooting guide for miter saw problems.

This saw is used for rough construction. Our 'furniture' miter saw is a DeWalt-more expensive that what we need for animal barn construction.

Any suggestions for a quality-not over $200 10" replacement?

Thanks, cj

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You're saying than when you squeeze the switch nothing happens? Any noises like the saw is trying to start? Does the switch sound/feel like it's working? What happens when you turn the blade manually? Obviously make sure the saw is unplugged when you do this.

I'm not sure how much time I'd spend on a 12 year old saw. I'm assuming it wasn't too expensive when you bought it?

Hitachi used to make a nice 10" saw for just under $200. I haven't looked at it's price in while.

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The small hitachi is a nice saw, if you throw away the blade that comes with it and add a good $50 blade to the cost.
To the OP: is the blade-lock lever/button stick in? It's the device used to lock the shaft while torquing on it to change blades. If it's stuck it effectively jams the motor. Otherwise, the bearings may be seized. Another thought, if it had a blade brake, that section of the switch electronics may be shorted out, so the brake windings are getting current all the time when the switch is closed (in addition to the main motor windings). That would mean replacing the switch.

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