Can this be fixed? Veneer China Hutch

angelaintxAugust 8, 2011

I just bought the matching dining room table from this lady. I would like to buy the hutch but I am unsure of the extent of the damage and whether or not it can be fixed. Thanks for any advice!




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Probably, but I doubt it will be a DIY project.

You would need to have a pro refinisher do that.

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My grandfather would help- he's been a woodworker for years. I am just wondering if it's worth around $175 or so...

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From what I see, this is well within the range of a touch up. A little sanding, a little burn-in, a little toner, a little lacquer.

It won't necessarily look brand new, but will look fine from normal observation distance.

But I agree, call in a pro, it's not necessarily a DIY project due to skills and materials needed.

Of course, you could strip and refinish, but that's an order of magnitude more time and cost.

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Can be done if you have the proper tools, supplies and the technical knowledge.

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Doesn't look too complicated to me - I'm not a pro, but I think I could make that look OK. Depends on whether you're handy or not, and how much of a perfectionist you
are :-)

In terms of what to pay for it, 175 is not bad, or maybe even pretty good; it's a nice piece. I like the vanity behind it too!


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