Securing an armoire with heavy door

soonermomAugust 14, 2011

I'm not sure I am posting to the correct forum but I purchased an old armoire - dimensions 84" tall, 18" deep, 54" wide. I have not put the shelves in yet but everytime we open the door (it has a beveled mirror) the armoire "falls" forward. My husband thinks we should bolt it to the wall which is fine with me but didn't know if there was an easier "fix". Any suggestions. We aren't worried about diminishing the value because the hardware doesn't appear to be original and it looks like there has been some work one on the interior. Thanks for your help.

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Any baby store will sell devices for securing furniture to the wall to prevent it from tipping over. They also sell similar hardware for those in earthquake country.

Make sure you screw into the structure of the armoire, not the [usually] thin back.

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you can use L brackets to attach to the top of the cabinet, then to the studs.

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It's easiest to do this with screw eyes and a bit of tie wire. One eye in the cabinet one into a stud; orient it toward the hinge side, and one set may be all you'd need. Bt a set at each corner won't hurt.
The brackets are problematic for getting access to drive the screws, if it's close to the ceiling. Screw eyes will just require slightly careful measuring.

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