Cord for outdoor post light, no plug??

cardwellaveMay 1, 2011

Hey all I have an outdoor post light and there is a cord that runs into the ground and then pops out next to the house, goes in a small hole and into the basement. I can find the cord in the basement and it simply is plug. the cord is quite narrow, maybe an eighth of an inch and round. About as big as one half of a typical cord on a lamp that looks like two lines put together. My question is how do I go about fixing this to run it somewhere to plug in? I want to see if it will work, I would really like the post light to work!

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It's a pretty safe bet that whatever you have existing doesn't meet code. There's a fair chance the plug is cut off because there's a short in the line. You'd need to use a cable approved for direct burial like UF-B.

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It sounds like somebody hacked it up with inappropriate and unapproved wire, and the wire failed. I think I see some digging in your future.

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The only way that could not be a code violation -- and not be potentially dangerous -- is: 1) if the light is low voltage (12V), and the wiring is, too; or 2) that wire is part of the controller for a photocell and the power comes from elsewhere. Can you tell by inspection if that is a regular fixture or low voltage, or if you can see a photocell anywhere?

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If you use rigid metal or intermediate conduit you only need to bury the conduit 6 inches deep.

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