Marvin Casement Folding Handle - Is White Better?

shannonplus2October 1, 2013

I apologize in advance for such a small question. I am finalizing my order for Marvin Ultimate Casement windows, and have two bids. Each casement will have a folding handle. One guy said handles in the white color are an upgrade and preferable, though there is no extra charge for white handles. The other guy said satin taupe handles are standard, and look classier than the white. Since there is no charge for either color, I just want to know from you guys if one color is better than the other for both appearance and durability. Thanks.

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No difference in durability... What color will the windows be? If white, go with which ever you prefer (white would blend in, taupe would add contrast). If stained, I would NOT go with white hardware.

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Thanks HomeSealed. Trim will not be stained, it will be painted white, and millwork between windows is painted white.

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I would go with white. You wouldn't even notice them and that is usually good.
I would also choose the wood screen as that can be painted to match the windows as opposed to the white screen which probably wouldn't match your finished color.

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Thanks Eastbay10. I was thinking of the satin taupe cause I figured that the white handles might look dirty quickly.

As to the screens, I opted for the high-transparency mesh which was an upcharge (still not as much as the retractable screens which were too expensive for me). Both bids just offered the screens in the same Stone White surround which I chose for the exterior. Nobody mentioned a wood screen surround. Is the Stone White on the high-transparency screen going to look bad? I am kinda at my price ceiling at this point, but if it's really worthwhile I can squeeze in another upcharge for the wood screen surround. But I'm not sure if it's worth it.

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The high transparency is standard on the wood screen but an upcharge with the white screen so it is almost a wash. Take a look at it and I think you will really like it. I am surprised it wasn't shown to you.

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Eastbay10 - I mentioned the wood screen to the contractor I'm going with, and he actually got a little upset with himself that he hadn't mentioned it to me first. He said something like "aw man, my customer brought up something I should have said". There was a slight upcharge for getting the high transparency screen with wood surround instead of aluminum, but it wasn't too much. He said the wood surround screen would look really good, and it will come primed. So we added them to my order which went to Marvin today. Thanks so much!

P.S. He said it'll be about 4 weeks. Hope that's true, as I want them in before cold temps arrive.

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From my experience, that is what Marvin is running now. Good luck and let us know when they are installed.

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