Confused about glass choice. Want heat to come in in winter.

angeezOctober 30, 2012

We have a large west facing window in our living room and I want heat to come in, in the winter. What SHGC rating is good. I am afraid that the Infinity option we picked is not going to let heat in like our old Anderson's do????? HELP!!!!!!!!

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Where is the home located?

Depending on your climate, you may not want as much heat as you think and the passive Solar applications are best suite for the South facing openings.

If you are looking for good solar heating, above 0.40 is preferable.

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I am in Iowa. The only other option with Infinity is 180 glass and the u factor is not good. I am thinking that my current 21 year old anderson windows may have a worse u factor and that the new infinity will insulate better and the SHGC won't be that big of a deal. Thoughts?

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As I mentioned on the other thread, the 272 will be a nice balance for your climate. You don;t sacrifice u-value, nor do you completely block the passive solar benefit. The 180 on the southern exposure would not be the worst thing, but ideally you would want some trees or an awning or something on that side of the home that will block the beating sun in the summer time. Blinds do the trick as well ;D. 180 is not a good choice for the rest of the home.

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Just like the other thread.

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Thanks guys! 272 it is. I think the 180 would be worse u factor/value and we don't want that.

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