Choosing Nailhead for Recliners HELP!

janjan212August 12, 2014

TIA for any advice!!

I am thinking of ordering two updated wingback leather recliners that have extensive nailhead trim. These will go on each side of the fireplace in my family room. The room has 2 chocolate colored skirted down fabric sofas in a shimmery rayon blend. My accent tables are slightly distressed black or black with glass, and 2 small side tables that will go next to the recliners (at least for awhile) that are black with brown/copper accents. I have light brown lamps with cream shades, the other accent colors are creams and greens.

The recliners we have now are a creamy/tannish gold (for contrast) but fabric and are defective. They are being replaced We are going a different direction & maker and decided on leather.

Now you have the long winded picture. The leather we have chosen is listed in the brown category but is light, it looks like a pale, pale green against our sofas. We have several nailhead choices but I'm inclined to choose something that defines the lines of the chair, rather than blending in where you barely see them. My issue is, the chrome/silver stand out the most, but there is no other chrome/silver in the room. The browns/brassy/coppers get lost and the black stands out, but I just can't picture it. It just doesn't seem like it would look right. Like it's too much. The only time I can recall seeing black nailhead was on a really bold leather, like yellow. (please correct me if I'm wrong)

So do you think chrome or silver nailhead would look out of place in a room filled with browns & blacks? Where the light fixtures are wrought iron? Would you use them? Would you use something safe like a version of brown with as much contrast as possible?

I've become obsessed. I was watching an episode of House of Cards, they were in the White House, there were a lot of beautiful chairs with nailhead trim all around. Most of it was silver or chrome, it seemed anyway. I had to rewind several times because I didn't hear a word that was said. I was too busy eyeballing the furniture.

Someone put me out of my misery. Here is the chair, it is not the shown in our leather choice. Note the nailhead goes all the way up the wings.

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Holly- Kay

All of my living room furniture has nail head trim. Mine is the standard brass which fits well with the warm colors in my room.

Can you post the leather color and the nail head trim choices? It would make it much easier to give advice. I do think you like the silvered tone best so that's what I would go with. Silver, IMO, is a neutral and would look great with black or brown.

The way your chair appears will be influenced a good bit by your trim choice.

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Elraes Miller

There is an antique pewter available. Not as bold as silver and more subtle. I think this could work with your black decor. Also silver patterns washed with black, but perhaps too ornate and take away from your chair lines.

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First of all the chair is beautiful. I like that the chair could flow in a more traditional room or combined with a more modern style. I think the silver will look good, no need to worry about it looking our of place. Blending styles is what makes a room interesting and beautiful.

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Here, Finally, are pictures of the leather sample against the chocolate brown of the sofas and a nail head of each possibility on top (yes, the possibilities have grown) One picture I tried to include more of the sofa and the other I tried to get closer to the railheads without excluding the sofa. I hope it helps get more suggestions!

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The otherâ¦.

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Holly- Kay

Wow! I love your leather choice and I love the two silvery nail heads. Any of the choices would be gorgeous but I agree with you that the bright chrome with your leather choice is the most stunning.

May I ask the manufacturer of your chair? It is just beautiful. I love how the wings turn out a bit giving it a really gorgeous appearance.

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The Chairs are made by Hancock and Moore.

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While I think the silvery ones look nice, I think the bronze/brass offers more contrast with your leather. Also is that slate I spy on the fireplace in the background? I like the warmer tones with that too. To my eye, the silver tones look a bit more contemporary, so if that's the direction you're leaning they would work well.

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When I look at the bronze/brass heads away from the leather they look really pretty and would go well, as do the coppery ones.but as soon as you put then against the leather they don't "pop". It doesn't show up well in the pictures (maybe there's a built in flash on an iPad? making them look brighter?)

I've gone back and forth on what is more important. "Contrast/POP" vs "Blending in with the rest of the decor" vs "blending into the leather"

Our current recliners have a brown nailhead on tan/gold fabric. There is coordinating contrast. There was never a question. Those chairs only have nailhead on the arms. The new chairs will have quite a bit more so it feels like a much bigger design decision.

By the way, there is slate on the fireplace, but only three tiles that I've been bugging hubby to replace. They were put there by the previous owner. I am not worried about decorating around them. I would consider my style more transitional.

Just when I thought I had my mind made up to go with the silver, I balled up a corner of the leather and slid each nailhead in so it was surrounded by leather (rather than laying on top) and even though there was still not a clear winner, they each started to have their own character.

I might have just taken myself back to square one. Waaaaâ¦...

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Holly- Kay

JanJan, I thought they were H & M. The quality shines through even in photos. Last year when we redecorated we bought H & M sofa, recliner, and a Jess Charles chair with H & M leather. All of our pieces have the brass trim second from the right. The brass looks great because all of our pieces are a warmer color. The bottom of our sofa is trimmed in buffalo nail head but the rest in the warm brass.

I wish that I had seen your recliner when I ordered ours as I love how the wing flairs. Other than that our chair is the same including the bustle back and the legs.

Are you going with the power model? We opted for the plug in instead of the battery pack style as this chair is in the corner and the cord goes behind the chest next to it.

I am at my shop now but I can post a pic tonight of the recliner so you can see how the brass looks on the leather. Are you keeping your other chairs or replacing them? If you are keeping items that have nail head already you may want to coordinate the trim. otherwise I love the pop of the chrome.

I am so excited to see your lovely chairs in place. Please keep us updated!

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