Opinions on best stainable wood filler or glue?

PprimitivesAugust 27, 2011

I purchased cherry butcher blocks from L.L. with plans to distress it to go in a farmhouse style kitchen. I just opened the package and I can see many voids between the wood. I will be staining the BB a dark color after "beating" it for that old distressed look but Im concerned that after I fill the voids the wood putty will not stain the same as the rest of the wood and stick out. Does anyone have opinions on the best stainable wood filler or wood glue that I should use?

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Does "stainable wood filler" take stain? Yss (usually). Does it take stain and look just like the surrounding wood, no, usually.

There are few options:
* Since you are going to distress it, why not just consider the chips part of the distressing (Option 1 is always, "Do nothing.")

* Wait until you are almost done (next to last coat of finish) and use the wax products to fill in the voids. Pick two or three colors that are dominant in your almost done top and smear them together. Wipe off the excess and apply the final coat of clear finish.

* Use a wood filler in the right color range, stain it, then use artist's pencils to grain in and tweak the colors after the stain is dry but before or between the coats of finish (Elmer's wood putty in the tube (it's had various names over the years) for the filler and Prismatic Pencil are the brands I use).

I would not use wood glue and sawdust -- this rarely looks good and can cause problems such as glue splotches if you use the wrong type or amount of glue.

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Wood glue and sawdust only works with hide glue and aniline dye for coloring.

No 'stainable wood filler' takes color the same as actual wood.

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+1 on brickeyee

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