So Cal Window Replacement

CAFixerUpperOctober 1, 2013

We need to replace 50 year old wood windows as well as a few vinyl that were improperly fitted and poorly installed. I have 3 bids from window contractors that are drastically different. Internet research on windows has me baffled, and Consumer Reports doesn't list any of them in their top ratings. Each contractor is offering different ones: Simonton, Anlin Monteverde, Plygem Pro Series. All single hung, dual pane.

Can anyone offer any advice? Also, the house is in east Co San Diego where it gets VERY hot. Is that an issue with these windows? Will they warp?

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What series of the Simonton? Not a fan of the Ply-Gem. I do not know about the Anlin. Of the 3, Simonton could be your best option as quality goes, depending on what model is offered. In SoCal, get the low-e3 option. Vinyl will do you well in this climate.

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Go with Simonton Daylight Max series, it comes with 366 low e glass (low e 3). If it's not that or Madeira series by Simonton it's from home depot and I wouldn't get it. Ply gem I haven't been impressed with the quality. Anlin I'm not familiar with even though they're made in California. I wouldn't worry about warping.

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JeffPad - That installer tells me the Simonton is the Daylight Max product. Is that their best product? Plygem installer tells me they are a good product, and his install price is much lower, which of course concerns me. Thank you both for the info about the climate. There are existing vinyl windows there that seem to be ok.

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Daylight Max is what you want, it has the upgraded glass and components. Some times with install you get what you pay for. See if either have previous jobs they've done to look at.

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most clients use the 7300 / DayLite max. Solid product in SoCal. Low-e3 / argon are standard. Ply-Gems are good for a rental maybe. As this is your home, keep with the Simonton IMO.

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