cajunlady68October 5, 2009

Have any of you heard of this website or used it?

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Yes, I ordered lots of glass from them when I first started mosaicing. They're a little expensive, but it's where you get beautiful silver-backed (mirror) colored glass.

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Thanks, I was thinking about getting a glass nipper because I have been cutting my 1/2" x 1/2" tile in about four pieces with a hand nipper. I don't know if the one they have will do the job for that though. Would ya'll know.

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I think that's the company from which I ordered the pistol grip scoring tool and the ruler. I bought the breaking pliers from Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby also carries the pistol grip scorer. I have the Glass Shop Pro, and I think I also ordered it from Delphi. It's been so long since I ordered anything I'm forgetful. I use lots of dish shards lately - trying to get rid of garage and workshop clutter, and just throw in some stained glass tiles now and then. If you want to cut nice uniform tiles tiles, my suggestion is to get the ruler, pistol grip scorer, breaking pliers, and cut your strips down one direction across a sheet of glass (vertically) then turn the glass and cut across those lines, making perfect little squares. Take the breaking pliers and cut the tiles apart. Google for tutorials on cutting glass. Joys of Shards is a good one. W/be glad to answer any more questions.

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delphi sells wheeled glass nippers also if that was what you were meaning....anything glass, they have it!

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Sorry, I was talking about an electric nipper. It sells for about $80.00.

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Oh, CAJUN: I shouldn't ask this question - No, I don't need another tool, please, Betty, don't ask. Huh uh - not gonna ask - nope, don't wanna know - won't do it.

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Oh Slow.... you know your gonna end up asking! So go ahead and ask.

You are such a hoot!
Donna in Florida

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What! There's an electric nipper? I don't need to hear any more; I already have enought tools and supplies to open my own shop. (Runs away holding her hands over her ears)

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Yes, if there's tools and accessories to be had, I'm the one to find them!!! Here is the link to it. Happy shopping!!!

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I practically live at Delphi...whether it is online or in their store here in Lansing. I have never found a tool that they carry that doesn't do the job that they say it will do. The people who work there use the tools themselves and if it doesn't do the job I doubt if they will sell it for long. You could always call their store during regular hours and ask if there is someone that uses it in the store. Everyone I have talked to in the store has really been straight with me on how things work...even if they think a cheaper tool does the job better. If you have a business, you can set up a wholesale account. It makes a big difference in the price of some items. And no I don't work for Delphi, it is just where I get most of my supplies.

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Interesting tool, CAJUN, but I'm gonna pass on this one.

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Thanks, I think I will call. I too have way too much stuff, although most of it is for painting. But I'm starting to get a little glass collection. It might just depend on if my husband gets any new golf equipment (ha ha ha).

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LOL! You guys are just a hoot.
Slow, you score both ways then break the tiles out?

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Yes, TX. Some might say it isn't good for your scoring tool, but that's the way I've been cutting sheets of glass into tiles as long as I've been mosaicing, and it is very fast. I can score/break a sheet of glass into 3/4" tiles in about 10 minutes. If you don't want to break the whole sheet, make several strips, turn them sideways, and score them at the same time. This is easy on the Glass Pro grid w/the ruler - probably not as easy on another surface.

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