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wawawaAugust 17, 2008

We have a 72" long panel on the back side of our kitchen island. It is a raised bar that fits 3 bar stools. It was supposed to have 3 smaller "panels" within that 72" space. Two support brackets were to be placed between the 3 panels, and therefore between the 3 chairs (each chair would line up infront of one smaller panel). The builder (without telling us) decided to change it to 4 panels, thereby changing where the brackets are located.

The problem is that now the support brackets are where your legs would be when you are sitting there (plus I don't think it looks as good.) We have been trying to get the builder to replace the current panel with one that matches our specifications for a long time. Our builder's most recent argument for not fixing it is . . . 3 panels will warp so they had to put 4 in.

Is this true? If so . . . isn't there anything that can be done (such as attaching strips along the backside to help prevent warping)? I have seen pictures of kitchens with one big panel on the back of an island and also islands with 2 panels. What do you think?


Sorry so long . . . but tough to describe.

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The wider the panels the more likely they are to warp. If they are constructed properly from the right materials they should not warp. Putting strips on the back probably will not prevent warping. I would make the panels of a plywood with a display surface that was of the proper material or veneer on a stable substrate. That would be unlikely to warp.


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If you specified 3 panels, the contractor should have advised you if he felt a change was necessary and left the decision to you.

Is the panel a flat piece of plywood to which raised panel doors are applied, as is common in kitchen islands? If so, the frame of the doors will prevent warping. If they are panels in frames, same thing. If they are just raised panels that are attached to a flat plywood panel, they would have the most chance of warping. Even so, if you have a 3" space between panels and 3" at each end, each panel would be about 20" wide and if made from glued up stock or MDF (if to be painted)and properly fastened, warping should not be a problem.

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If you told the contractor 3 panels and he decided to change it without telling you, call him and tell him to do it over.

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check the plans you and he agreed to...contract...if it were three...make him do three, I have yet to see any of our panels warp no matter how large. Chances are, the builder of the panel didn't check the plans when he got the piece assigned.

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