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dst1158April 3, 2010

My barn is about 200' from my homes electrical entry panel. I want to run a line from the house to the barn large enough to operate a 230v air compressor which has a five horse motor that has an amp rating of 22a and a sfa rating of 25. I just moved here and at my old place I had three phase power to the garage so no issues there. The old fuse panel had two 30amp breakers working together to supply power for the compressor. What size wire would I need to make a run this long with the power requirements I'm looking for. Can anyone help?



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If the compressor is single phase you would need to run a #4 aluminum quad plex direct burial for the compressor alone. If you will have other things such as lights and receptacles, I would run a #2. What is a sfa rating?

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You would only need triplex for the compressor alone. The quadplex would be needed to supply other loads with the compressor.

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