Alside, Soft-Lite or Polaris???

doganOctober 8, 2009

Hi guys,

We are planning on getting vinyl replacement windows on our house in Cleveland and I got quotes from couple of different people who carried the following brands. I really have no clue how to choose,besides just deciding based on price of course. So, I hope someone here can give us some suggestions. Below are our quotes and Brands we were quoted on.

Thnx in advance,


14 Windows in Total, Double Hung, Qualifying for the Government Tax Rebate. Life time warranty on all of them.

Soft-Lite - $5250, This is being quoted by Window Nation. Includes installation and taxes.

Alside Excalibur- $4900

Alside Sheffield or UltraMaxx(can't remember which one) - $5600 - Includes Installation but NOT TAX

Polaris TheramalWeld - $4500 - Includes Installation and Tax.

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Which Softlite model were you quoted?

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Unfortunately the window nation guy was out of his quote sheet and he just put the price behind his business card. He must have mentioned during our meeting what model but I can't remember on top of my head.

What model of Soft-Lite would be a good one?

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If that price is for the LS or Imperial, it's a great deal IMO. I suspect it's probably for the Barrington.

I don't like Alside windows and I'm not familiar enough with the Polaris to have an opinion.

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The ThermalWeld is a decent window and certainly better than the Excalibur. The ThermalWeld to LS comparison is not a fair one though. The LS is a better window.

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Yes yes , I looked at the brochure they left us from Window Nation and it is a Barrington. I didn't mention it before because I just thought it was called Barrington Soft-Lite in general. I didn't know that it was a model name.

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Nothing really wrong with the Barrington, it's just an entry level window. I would ask to see the Imperial and the LS and see how much more they are. It may be worth the upgrade to you.

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Barrington and the ThermalWeld are pretty comparable. The Bainbridge is much better looking than its ugly duckling cousin Barrington.

I agree with Sky...have them quote the LS and see what the numbers are.

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thnx guys, will do and let u know

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I got a quote on 3 small replacement windows for my attic, $1,095.00. The quote states "Alside casement window with Climated Elite, grids between double strength double pane Pittsburg Plate glass with P.P.G. warm ridge spacer system. Full screens of fiberglass mesh in extruded corner-keyed frames, virgin vinyl.Cap and caulk in white.
I've never heard of Alside. Can anyone comment on them especially for an attic. Is there a better grade of Alside? Should I consider another manufacturer?

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I would consider another manufacturer if you are looking for good quality windows. I have to tell you though, that is really a dirt cheap price on any installed casement window. I honestly don't know how a company can stay in business charging that little. What are the installation details? Does that price include trim coil wrap on the brickmold? Are they going to put insulation in between the window and the wall studs?

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Alside do not make a quality window, especially the Excalibur. they are flimsy and just not designed well at all.
the Polaris thermalweld is average..
the Polaris Ultra is very good and comparable to the soft lite imperial LS.

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just for a reference, the Polaris Ultra will be much more expensive than the thermal weld because the polaris ulta is a much better window. its amongst the best in my opinion based on both design and quality.
the Polaris Ultra also has one of the lowest/best air infiltration ratings in the industry. air leakage rates is a very important number to look at and most companies refuse to mention it because most vinyl windows have high air infiltration rates due to flimsy/low quality design. this is one reason i think alside make poorly designed windows.
As for price, i find it extremely hard to believe your contractor was able to quote a Soft Lite Imperial LS for that price. at that price he would be losing money. there has to be a mistake or a typo. that window would be in the $7,500- $8,000 range for 14 windows with a basic install. the Polaris Ultra would be in that same ball park as well.

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