Smoke Coming Out of New Floodlights

merdenaApril 20, 2010

Our electrician (who wired our new house - and is by far the most reputable in the area)installed new floodlights today along the eaves of our house. He installed doubles on each end of the house, and a single in the middle. They tested them earlier today, with no apparent problems. We turned them on tonight for about an hour, and went inside. We had company, and as they were leaving, we noticed smoke coming out of both of the double floodlights (but we didn't think smoke was coming out of the one in the middle). I immediately turned off the floodlights and the smoking stopped. I checked in the attic and there is no fire. Tried to call the electrician, but his phone is turned off (it was about 9:00 p.m.). There is no more smoke. When we first turned the lights off they were hot around the outside. They are now cool (about an hour later). Of course, I won't turn the lights back on, and of course, I'll be calling the electrician first thing in the morning. But what could have caused it? And should I call the fire department tonight to have it checked out even though there's no more smoke?

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Was frost or dew on the lamps?

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I'm going with:

1- moisture. the "smoke" you saw was steam.
2- dust. the floodlights sat on a shelf for a while, and had dust on them. the heat from the lamps is causing the dust to burn off.
3- cheap paint on the lampholders.

Neither of the 3 is a huge issue.

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what ever happend?

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