Sound issue w/ 1931 windows

eskeechOctober 2, 2011

Hello, I recently moved into a beautiful 1931 apartment bldg that was fully upgrades - except for the windows. The sound that comes through is a big problem, mostly due to the fact that the bldg next to me has it's windows opening onto mine, and the tenants there are always fighting. I've gotten heavy curtains, shades, an area rug, use a white noise machine, wear ear plugs, but nothing helps the 3:30am fight wake up.

My landlord is looking into replacing the windows, but as I will have to pay for it them I was wondering if this is the most economical solution.

Is there a film or something that could be put over the windows to shut out noise?

And can anyone suggest double or triple pane windows that are good at noise reduction but won't break my bank?

ANY help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so so much!


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The only way to effectively abate sound is to buy windows with laminated glass and to use closed cell spray foam in the jambs. Do not get talked into triple pane glass for the purpose of sound abatement. it could actually make it worse.

You could also consider storm windows with laminated glass if the existing windows are in good shape and you like them.

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No films available that will make any tangible impact.

You could opt for an exterior or interior storm with laminated glass. That will make a huge difference.

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New windows will only be as good as the wall they are being installed to.You may have this problem if heavy curtains and rugs don;t make a difference.Storm windows can be good option and don't always need to be laminated. I would experiment more with the cheap options since sound control storms start around $160 without installation or laminated glass and other window options will easily excede this. I would look at some other forums that deal specifically with sound control as well.

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Sound transmission control is only as good as its weakest link.

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