High quality wood windows/doors

alexh1000October 16, 2010


As I previously posted, I'm appalled at the low quality of the real wood interior parts I saw on one patio door display unit. In fairness to the manufacturer, I don't know if the floor unit is typical of their quality, but I know that on built to order goods, realistically there is no recourse if the quality is poor. Once the order is placed you are stuck with whatever you get.

Of the major manuafcturers (Jeld Wen, Anderson, Pella, Marvin, Kolbe) is there one that stands out in terms of interior wood finish quality? Tight joints, no squeaks and a thick, durable finish (or I can finish myself).

I'm getting quotes of about $3k for a 8'Hx6'W patio door and at that price I think the interior woodwork should be furniture quality.


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One brand you did not mention is Loewen. In my recent search for a sliding glass door (wood not vinyl), two brands stood out from the pack: Loewen and Marvin. Unfortunately, the Marvin and Loewen were also the most expensive that I saw. But I guess you get what you pay for.

Between Marvin and Loewen, I thought Loewen was slightly superior. Loewen comes with Doug Fir standard. Marvin has Doug Fir as an optional upgrade, which would raise the Marvin price substantially. Loewen also just looked beautiful and felt beautiful. Marvin looks great too. In the end I chose Marvin for a couple of reasons: I was going to have the wood painted, so it wouldn't matter to me that Loewen had the Doug Fir. Marvin was less expensive than Loewen. I believe that the price depends on your region. I could only find a couple of places selling Loewen in a 25-mile radius, while Marvin was sold at a dozen places in a 10-mile radius, so the Marvin sellers were competing with each other and the prices were better. I believe some people have reported that in their area, Loewen costs less than Marvin, so it really depends on location. Also, customer service was a factor in my decision since Loewen was not well-represented in my area. Perhaps they are in your area, and I recommend you check out both Marvin and Loewen.

BTW, I am replacing a Pella sliding glass door, and having lived with it, would never get a Pella sliding glass door again.

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both of Marvin and Loewen require service...if you miss anything they state in there service requirement your warranty is gone. Key would be to find a shop that really services what they sell and not just distributors and have been around for a long time..that seems more comforting for me...Pella your right that is the worst crap on the market by far..but people get fooled thru advertising...

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