in search of simonton window sales & installer

duk748October 9, 2011

hello - i would like to find a simonton window dealer in akron ohio who also does installation - i have found some dealers but no dealers who do installation also - any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you

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Contact the local supply houses and see who they recommend.

Simonton is distributed via building supply houses so they will know of contractors that install.

If I were OH, I would also look for a Polaris installer. Better window in my opinion.

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hello again & thank you for the help - that is good info because i have a polaris window sales/installer on my list - thank you very much -

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Good luck. Keep us posted.

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Home Depot sells Simonton under the name of, "Vantage Pointe."

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Do your self a favor and don't buy windows or doors from HD unless you are 1000% sure the order of perfect because form what I know of them the sales people are not the most knowledgeable on product such as these and little details can be missed very easily by inexperienced people!

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Millworkman is correct...we had to have custom French doors from HD remade THREE times before they fit. But I think it can vary by the expertise of the sales guy. They DO measure twice, once for the estimate and once again before the actual order is placed. However, it has been a more than a week and I still have not received the emailed estimate that I was promised.

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I have found most of the people that work at HD could not even tell you where the Millwork Dept would be much less sell you windows or doors so for that reason alone I discourage people for even shopping there. They are good if you know what you want, where it would be, and you know it's on the shelf. Anything else and you may as well ask the guy who mows you lawn to perform open heart surgery on yourself of course!!!

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I agree with your assesment of HD. Years ago they employed a lot of retired contractors why often gave really good advice. In order to keep their prices low, they have sadly chosen to hire many part time people who work less than 30 hours a week. This eliminates federal requirements to provide medical insurance and an employer contribution to their IRA.

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Yes, there plan was once an employee proved himself and deserved more money they would give him a "promotion" and transfer him to a store as a "manager" to far away to commute to so the employee more often than not would quit rather than uproot and move and they would replace him with someone cheaper.

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