Has Anyone Used Royal Oak Engineered Wood Flooring?`

aktillery9August 13, 2013

We are getting ready to build and found some very authentic engineered wood 7 1/2 wide flooring we like. I was curious if anyone has this brand? I believe the maker is D&M. We are looking into the Cabana Brown. It is an oak. Lovely in person. Just curious how it wears.

Here is a photo.

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I have never done it but a friend of mine has it and absolutely loves it. I would guess it would wear extremely well. You could google engineered wood reviews to get some opinions. It really is good looking and I would never guess it's engineered.

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Thanks yay!! That's great to hear!

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It's a gorgeous floor. Do you know the cost?

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I found it online for 6.19 which is a great price! Most have it for over 7.00 a sq ft.

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I have looked at those floors as well and was quoted a similar price from a local store (SF peninsula). I love them - specially the Cabana color but my husband prefers one of the other colors - Urban Grey or something like that. We are now trying to find something in between the two :)

FWIW, our contractor said that in her opinion Du Chateau floors are the best quality/value for the wide plank engineered floors, but they are also about 50% more. I think the D&M are manufactured in China which is why the price is lower.

The floor people told me the D&M would hold up better than the Du Chateau with kids and our lab. She also recommended Hallmark and Palladio, but our local store is in the process of expanding and won't have those samples in for another week or so.

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Thanks for the info Kelly! We have dogs so I do need something that will hold up.

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Glad I came across your post. I am also considering this make and color. Can you give us an update on how the floor looks installed? I found big differences on the appearance of the picture you posted to the samples that I came across. This is the oil rubbed look too right? If you have pictures of the finished floor that would be great. I am also looking at the terracotta color.

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Eastbay, we haven't even broken ground so I haven't any photos.

Yes, it's the oil rubbed wood. The sample I saw matched the photo quite well.

Sorry I haven't more info or pictures.

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Thanks for the quick response! We are just starting a complete whole house update and of course the floors are one of the biggest chunks of change. Our flooring guy has ordered new samples so I will see how well these match the pictures. The oiled look is a look I really like and have only been looking at this type of floor...walnut is gorgeous oiled with a slight stain color.
Was your decision on these floors based on price, appearance, ease of install, construction? Have you considered other engineered floors in your search? I had looked at the kahrs oak earth as well but the price point here was more appealing. Thanks again!

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Another lower cost, nice looking rustic/antiqued floor I found is Mullican Castillian. Their engineered product is 1/2" with a 3 mm face should it need to be refinished, and I found it for $5.17/sf. I'm considering using the color Oak Glacier for our beach house.

They also offer a solid 3/4" in the Castillian line for not that much more money. We were told we need to use engineered flooring since we'll have in-floor radiant heat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mullican Flooring

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The reason I chose these floors was the look, they looked like true wood floors that would not look brand spanking new. I did not want any sort of a sheen and wanted the feel of wood, almost like a raw wood. I loved the color as I have lived with dark wood and it shows everything! I also liked that they looked a bit worn but not in the way the handscraped do. I think I am over the handscraped look. The oil rubbed look was the nicest I had seen, not completely dry but again a sort of raw wood look. Then, there was the cost factor. However, I did not see any other flooring in the flooring store that I liked better than this one. For me, it is perfect for what I wanted.

I hope that helps!

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I really like these. I have been considering wood-look tile, but these are beautiful - I need to see these in person!

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Hello Everyone,
After traveling from many floor stores and searching for samples (since so many are checked out) we found a gorgeous floor. Hallmark Floors, Alta Vista series, Coronado, oiled, wide plank. Price point is great (waiting for the final price but a similar floor was $6.50 sqft). Top piece 4mm sawn cut face. The photos make it much darker looking then it is but simply gorgeous.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hallmark Alta Vista

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Agreed on all points, I'm over the handscraped too. This looks simple, clean, and most of all real. The oil rub just gives it a "rich" look. I think we both have found our wood floor.
When I saw the sample for our floor I knew it right then, I found it. Our project won't start until after the first of the year but once we have the floors down I will post a picture and any thoughts on it.

Both companies Royal Oak and Hallmark had beautiful floors to chose with a very good quality and at a good price point.
Good luck to everyone!

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Uh-oh, now you have me re-thinking my floors eastbay.

Those are lovely! I need to check them out in person!!!

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I spoke too soon, the wood floor is $ higher then I thought.

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How much is it? It's not available in my area and I couldn't find any place online that sells it. I'm confused about something and it may be because I don't have a complete understanding of what makes an engineered floor. I thought the engineered floor had some type of protective coating on it, so how do you have an oil finish. I also want something with a dull raw wood look, but I have concrete slab and it's seem like I've heard I should go with engineered wood rather than solid wood. I was just concerned all engineered woods have a little bit of a shine.

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Careful with the Royal Oak Flooring. We installed the Cabana Brown and there was an issue with the finish. The company chose to ignore us and our attorney. The floor is beautiful and it worked itself out but the frustration of trying to get help and the ongoing concern that there might be another problem is not worth it.

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Will you send me an email? I would really love to hear more. I sadly have no back up plan!!

Thanks for sharing!

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We also have royal oak flooring (black tea) and are having an issue with our finish as well. Curious what your issue was and how it worked itself out.

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here is driftwood being installed at my place. Looks good, next time I would go with Urban Grey for a lighter look.

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Hi, Im also having a lot of issues with my black tea Royal Oak floors. The stain is lifting in places. Also, the top of the wood is peeling or chipping. i actually had a splinter from the floor... to find a chunk of wood came up and all you saw was white wood where the black lifted. The representative came to look and told me to buy a wood stain pen. The floors are a year old!

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Interesting about the stain lifting, peeling and chipping....Anyone have any issues with excessively dark color variations in Canewood? Typically an overall lighter colored wood, and experiencing in our whole house job lots and lots of dark boards, like cabana brown dark. Thanks!

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@ mte46, could you show more photos of the driftwood? we are thinking to go with it but would love to see it installed

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I have engineered flooring. In the house when I bought it.
Had a roof leak.the floor swelled up. Glad the prev owners
Bought an extra box of flooring and left it in the garage.
I would not put engineered wood in my house.
I have dogs too they scratch the floor.
It can only be sanded 2 or 3 times.

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Hey guys, for those who have experience with the Royal oak, can you please elaborate on the problems and whether there was any resolution? I am looking at it right now too. Photos would be great, I am also concerned about high color variation. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Has anyone installed and lived with Hallmark Floors (Alta Vista Collection, in Coronado) flooring? We've fallen in love with our samples but are wondering about how it wears, etc. Can anyone chime in on this line from Hallmark?

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