Marvin / Pella energy efficient windows

windowbuyerOctober 24, 2009

We are considering replacing original (50 yr old) windows in our home due to the tax credit. We've narrowed it down to Marvin Ultimates or Pella Architect series. However, in order to qualify for the tax credit, the windows need a specific glass - the Marvins need LoE366 and the Pellas need LoE2 (or dual loE). The glass sample for the Pellas seemed darker than the sample for the Marvins. Both companies claim to use Cardinal as their manufacturer. Is there a difference in the glass? Our home is a bit dark so I'm hesitant to use a darker glass. Any thoughts or suggestions, or other options we should look at? Thanks!

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The glass should be the same if sold in the same region, but the sample might be incorrect. Ask the supplier.

I wouldn't hesitate to use Marvin instead of Pella.

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macy- Whay do you say to not chose Marvin over Pella, seems like most threads i have looked at pick marvin to be a better window (or at least equal to) Pella

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Marvin would be much better, no where near equal

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macv did recommend Marvin over Pella. I am also replacing windows, and immediately ruled out Pella based on reading old threads on this forum.

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Sorry Macv, i read your post wrong. Looks like you did recommend Marvin over Pella

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For the OP ( windowbuyer ) those windows should have a VT (Visible light transmittance) rating, are they the same for each.

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