Does price seem right: replacement, wood casements. Advice?

kompyOctober 19, 2009

We would like to replace 3 windows in our family room. Sizes are approx:

38x33 (double casement)

48x51(double casement)

78x51 (casement-picture-casement)

Our house is 100 years old and has wood trim in the family room, so I don't want vinyl interiors. I would like a solid wood casement or a wood clad interior casement. We also want it to qualify for the energy tax credit.

I received one estimate so far. Pella was a bit over $5,000 installed with the low E coating! There was one lower cost manufacturer called Sherwood that was a vinyl window with a wood veneer interior. I went to see it today and it looked OK. But I didn't care for the hardware (lock and crank). The estimate for Sherwood was $3500 installed.

Are there any other manufacturers that you can recommend for custom sized replacement casements w/ wood interiors?

I think Anderson is out because I was told they don't offer custom replacement casements.

Is the price for Pella about right?? I would guess that Marvin would be more. I was hoping to spend about $3000 to $3800 for these 3 windows I'm getting sticker shock.

Thanks for any advice.

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Sounds expensive. I'm in the middle of pricing for a San Francisco Victorian and looking at Marvin wood double hung (or wood with exterior Al cladding) and for 36x77, low-E 366, they are retailing at $730 a window (and qualify in the set-in, but not the sash-pack). Even with San Francisco's obscene labor rates of $400-500 a window, you're still only looking at $1250 a window or so. I don't know how pricing on casements compare to double hung, but sounds like Pella is far too expensive.

They are about the only window that doesn't look completely out of place in a Victorian that I know of and the only one I've seen that doesn't shout "fake" from 100' away (I'd love to hear of others).

I can also get custom sashes made here and installed for less than the cost of "factory" windows, even with the 30% tax rebate on the windows themselves. Something to consider if your climate isn't energy-intensive.

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I thought it seemed high too. However, I've read that casements are more expensive than double hung maybe not so much. I think I'll get another quote.

Our family room is a 1962 addition and we remodeled it last year. We wanted to do the windows at that time but my accountant told us to wait for this year's tax incentive.

Below is a photo during mid-remodel without window treatments. The windows are the 1960ish windows. They still look pretty good for being that old, but they aren't efficient.

Just today, I was at the Marvin site. They looked great! I just assumed they would be more than Anderson. Does anyone know?


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Casements are considerably more than double hungs, there is really no way from you description to tell if that estimate is accurate or not for the installation. There is no info as to site conditions does this include removing and disposing of the old units, does it include the interior and exterior trim, Sheetrock, painting etc. Are the openings the same size do they need to be reframed, new headers, any wood rot to replace?????

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Thanks afsa.

I never got a typed up quote but am working on that.

Here's what I do know:
-includes removing old windows (I will dispose of old windows myself)
-they are going to rework all the exterior cutting/trimming of the vinyl siding.
-they are going to rework the interior trim work to the best of their ability. My husband made/installed the trim. He may have to re-do a couple of pieces on one window and we're OK with that.
-no sheetrock
-no painting
-no framing work, headers or wood rot.

Site conditions: 1st floor, easily accessible except for one window has our A/C condenser/compressor below it.

Does that give you a better idea? Thanks!!!!!

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