quotes from window co. or from contractor for new addition

scrappy25October 25, 2012

Greetings, for a new construction addition, I posted previously and got some good advice on vinyl windows and door suggestions for the Maryland area. I am still working with the architect on the addition so not ready yet , but was wondering how the bidding works. Which of the following would you advise?

1. Do I get window and door quotes including from a window/door company directly (I like this since they are more experienced at installation) and furnish them to a contractor before the contractor bids. If so, does the contractor still work seamlessly with the company?

2. Do I instruct the contractor where to go for pricing for his/her bid after selecting the product from consultation with the window/door company myself and allow him/her to do the installation.

There will obviously be siding and roofing on the new construction as well but would the contractors usually take care of that themselves and not like to have it farmed out to a specialty siding/roofing/window/door company? Would the answer be different if the siding work involves residing the rest of the house as well?

Just trying to figure out how to get ducks in a row for the best price/product/installation combo.

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Framers and such will not like to hear this, but I cannot tell you how many TERRIBLE, backwards installations that I see on homes built in the past 20 yrs. I swear half or better leak due to poor and incorrect installation procedures. Typically, the windows are installed as part of the "rough framing" by the rough carpenters, then the siding guys come through later.
I would highly recommend choosing your own window and installation company. You are 10 steps ahead of most new home buyers here, as most don't even give a second thought to the window selection. The fact is, installation is half the equation. I have actually heard of some builders that are starting to sub the window installation to specialists now just to avoid the liability issues down the road.

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So how does that work if I choose a window company for product and installation?I didn't realized that windows went in at the framing stage by the rough carpenters in new construction. If so, who does all the flashing (and when) to make sure it is water tight? WOuld the window installers be able to finish in one visit?

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