LIttle Zap

mike_kaiser_gwApril 5, 2010

I repaired a light fixture on 4-way circuit. When I went to put the fixture back up, I checked the wires with a Fluke volt tic. The tic lights up so I flip a switch and try again. Still light. Huh? So I try a Wiggy. Nothing. Ok, some kind of phantom voltage. As I'm hanging the fixture I brush against the hot wire and get a little zap.

The only thing different here is that the switches are lighted. Do they let some current through?

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The Fluke volt tics have a recall notice against them.

Turn off the breaker.

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Lighted switches will pass voltage. That's how the light works.

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"Lighted switches will pass voltage."

The standard neon bulb used in lighted switches does not even start to glow until about 90 V.

A multi-kilo ohm resistor will be in series with the bulb to limit its power though.

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