Recessed lighting....does brand matter?

parkplazaApril 19, 2010

I was in HD and wanted to purchase the 6 pack case of Commercial brand halo cans with the white trims. Are these inferior to Halo brand? When I opened the box at home, they seemed kind of cheapie. Does it really matter?

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Yes it matters. For a while there Commercial Elec. was faking a UL listing and got caught. I put in some of their GFCI outlets and then got burned with 10 service calls to come back and replace them (all of them failed within 6 months). I then saw the Commercial Elec. 6 packs of GFCIs on clearance at HD for $10 a pack. Electricians bought them all within a day (Lots of service calls there!) Also the cheap can light packs with the trims have lousy trim rings. A friend's company installed several dozen and got call backs when they turned an awful yellow color after a year. I quit playing the game and spend the whopping $6 for Juno or Halo can and $9 for the trim. They are sold in 6 packs (just trims and housings are separate.

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There is a reason why most of Home Depot's prices are so reasonable:
You are getting cheaply made products made in China.
Commercial Electric is no exception...garbage.

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Commercial is just. Emerald brand is so bad it is criminal.

Use a known name brand with a good reputation.

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Sounds like a plan...return the Commercial brand and get Halo. Do all cans use the plug in plastic connectors now? I know the Commercial brand because I opened them up and inspected them.

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If you get Halo's more than likely they'll have wagos (the plastic wire connectors).

I think Halo was the first to start using them I think.
Anyway I'm partial to Juno myself and not all of their line has wagos.

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It's been a while since I've done recessed lighting (not a pro), but there are IC (insulated ceiling) types and non-IC types. I used the IC types because they were sealed (less heat loss) and rated to come into direct contact with insulation, as I installed into an attic. I think you should be careful to use the right ones. Naturally, the sealed, IC variety are more expensive than the non-IC.

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Sorry, typo above. Should read "Commercial is junk."

Damn Gardenweb and no edits. :(

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