Help with my shutters

danandlovaOctober 17, 2012

Hello--We bought a new house and they finally did the dry-wall. I stopped by this morning and was a bit disappointed with the look of the general exterior. We picked white for siding, white trim ;and blue/green shutters. The shutters look too dark, almost grey. The white siding/white trim with dark shutters just give the house a plain and sad look.The roof color is also dark grey/very similar to the shutters so it makes it worse. I was hoping for a good happy contrast between white trim/ white siding with the shutters--but it didn't come out as I expected. I feel like there's just something missing...

Can anyone give me suggestion on what I can do to give the house a more exciting, happy look?

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Tough to tell from that picture but the shutters are not the problem in my opinion. There is too much white, no contrast. I would have went with a different color siding. Kind of stumped what you can do now as I said just too much white!

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Shutters are relatively inexpensive to change. You could also look at adding small, strategically placed sections of stone (or stone look materials). That makes a tremendous difference... Lastly, landscaping cannot be underestimated.

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Thank you. I agree there's too much white, plus white doesn't work well with the grey...I was so sad when I saw the house this morning. I wish we had picked 3 different tones, for siding, trim and shutters...We are with an hoa too so I'm going to ask if we can add the decorative stones. I'm so sad.

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You could also add a cedar shake "look" siding on the gables... It is obviously up to you as to how far you would like to go, but you can really make it look great without a ton of investment. The gables are a fairly small sq footage of siding, as is the area that you could add stone... I can't imagine that the hoa would have a problem with you giving the home a more "custom, higher-end" appearance.

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HomeSealed: Thank you so much for the advice. Do you know what kind of contractors would do that kind of job? I would definitely not spend too much, but just enough for the house to have a bit of contrast--I hope the hoa won't have a problem with that...I will explain to them that there's too much white and I need to add something light for the appearance.

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I would look for a siding contractor or exterior remodeler.
Here is a pic: obviously it is not exactly the same, but you can get the idea of what mixing up some different materials can do.

Here is a link that might be useful: shake and stone

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Thank you so much for all the info.

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