New Windows In OK quality on a budget

skybum02October 7, 2009



I just got 2 quotes for the installation of 9 windows.

Don Young 5200 series, Low E, Single Hung, U = 0.29, SHGC = 0.22 $4000 installed

Grand View 400O series, Low E, Double Hung, U = 0.30, SHGC = 0.24 $5000 installed

Both qualify for the 30% tax rebate.

I haven't seen/heard too much other than what I can find on the manufacture's website. Both local installers seem great.

Does anyone have any opinions on these two products and the prices? Summers here are hot about 115 for a few weeks. It averages 95 - 100 from June - Aug.

7 of the windows are on the west wall without shade. I'd guess they are 35" x 25" without the sheets in front of me. Winters are cold too. About 25 with 25 mph winds. It is already in the low 40s in the morning.

I'll take suggestions on other companies too, if I can find a dealer. I know that Progressive Windows is a local company. (tiltandturnwindows dot com) but I know they don't have as good of efficiency.

Also I know a company here will sell Alside windows but I'm not sure what model or any of the U and SHGC ratings.

I'm replacing my old aluminum single pane windows, some are busted and don't even stay up. I'm in the military so I'll only live here about 2 - 3 more years here and would like to recoup the money spent on resale and energy savings. I think having the new efficient and good looking windows won't hurt!



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Both of those windows are decent quality. I'm sure you would be satisfied with either. Installation is going to be a critical factor.

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Don't know what part of the state you are located in but we used Holman Construction from Cordell. We bought Simonton windows. The installers are the fastest, cleanest and best I have ever seen. Their web link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Holman Construction

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ccecilm - thanks for the link and recommendation that looks like a nice company. I live in Enid... about 3 hrs north of the Elk City / Cordell area

I've talked with all of the window dealers/installers here and it seems like I have 4 Choices on manufactures:
Great Lakes Grand View 5000
Don Young 5200
Alside (not sure on the model they install but I think the excalibur)
Progressive Windows 3-1000

I'm thinking I'll go with the Don Young - two dealers install them here and now I have to narrow my choice down.

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