Feedback about quotes..Easton V-max or Soft-lite?

stinky-gardenerOctober 26, 2010

I just got estimates for Easton Vinylmax windows from two companies. Both places are well-reviewed on my local BBB website and Angie's List. Both companies claim to stand behind their work and say they offer excellent follow-up.

Company #1's estimate was $9,200 for Easton Vinylmax windows. This is for 26 windows including 2 transoms and 2 very large picture windows. Wrapping the wood trim is included. Their estimate for Imperial Pro Soft-Lites was $14,000-$15,000.

Company #2's estimate for the Easton V-Max was$14,300-$15,000. He said wrapping would run about another $1,000. I don't know if I should dismiss this company due the higher price. Maybe they are better with follow-up?

I don't know how you can tell who would do the best job and who will really stand behind their work. Have done my homework with the review sites, but until you have work done, I guess you can't really know for sure yourself.

Any tips? WWYD?

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You say both have good BBB and Angies List reviews...why would you be concerned they aren't going to do a good job? If they were that bad, don't you think at least someone would have complained by now?

I/m not familiar with Vinylmax so I can't offer an opinion other than to say one companys price seems a little too high and the other one seems a little too low. Maybe you should get one more estimate.

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Hi Skydawggy! Guess I just meant, how do you choose between two good companies? It's easier when one has a spotty track record. Just forget about that one! When both look good, how to decide who to go with, just by the price?

I did get a third estimate...from "Window World." The price was $9,000 for middle range windows plus wrapping at about $40.00 more per window.

If you were interviewing someone, is there a "golden" question you could ask that would reveal who was the right choice? I would love to be a fly on the wall when *you* were interviewing a window company!

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I am a window company. :)

Which model# did Window World give you the quote on?

BTW just because a company has a few complaints doesn't mean it's not a good company. When you are in business long enough and deal with enough people, you are bound to have someone unhappy. Justified or not, some people will never be satisfied no matter how hard you try. Oh, the stories I could tell!

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Yes, I agree. Perfection is impossible. I use the review sites to point me in a good direction in a sea of options. So many people are doing this sort of work in VA Beach. Have heard a sufficient number of horror stories that I feel I must proceed with caution whenever I hire someone to do any work around my house.

So you "are" a window company! Wonder what your estimate would be, lol!

I do believe there are some great, skilled, ethical people out there doing home improvements. I'm just trying to increase the odds that I get one of those people for my project!

Will come back later with the model # from WW. I need to get it.

Here's a link to the place that gave me the lower offer. They get an A on BBB and A's List people give them all A's too. Thing is, they also do roofing, siding, all exterior projects. Maybe their high scores are more reflective of the other work they do. It's a father and son team from Kentucky who do the windows. Nothing wrong with Kentucky. The dad has many years of experience & was very nice (of course.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Window place

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I still don't have the Window World info, but looked on their website and saw that they have the Good Housekeeping seal on certain windows, the "Comfort World" series. The Good Housekeeping seal insures a good warranty I've heard.

I also saw that my local Window World gets high marks on both Angie's List and BBB.

Would only the Comfort Series with the Good Housekeeping seal be a good idea to go with? Does anyone have experience with WW windows here? What is the attitude on this forum about WW? Since they are locally owned, I guess performance can vary.

Thanks for any further input!

Here is a link that might be useful: Comfort Series, Window World

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Reads just like an advertisement.

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WonW, would you please elaborate?

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I meant that the Good Housekeeping seal is something that Window World promotes.

It means nothing in terms of window performance or quality. It is a bought a paid for seal.

If you search around, you will probably see all the feedback that you need to about the Window World window. Their installed product is average (that is stretching it) at best.

That is just on the product end of things. Do some more research on the installations and you will get a mixed bag as well.

Window World is not a horrible entity by any measure. The fill a portion of the market that buys on price alone. As indicated by the amount of research that you have done, you don't strike me as a price buyer.

The local Window World to you might be very good. I would still never stick that window in my home.

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W, thank you so much for explaining further. I know this is Halloween, but your first reply was a bit too cryptic for me to get anything out of!

So, the WW window doesn't sound like one you're very impressed with. The installation you can't vouch for of course, because that varies too much by locale (& probably by the job). Makes sense. The GH seal does not impress you too much either it seems.

I think I am more concerned/fearful of a poor job than a poor product. ANY of today's windows are surely better than my 1987 windows, but if a great window is installed in a sloppy manner, it could end up being a disaster rather than a home improvement!

I realize that I am probably asking for the impossible. No one can guarantee me that if I go with company Y, I will have lasting peace and happiness. It's all a risk and I'm a risk aversive person. You just have to hold your nose and jump sometimes I guess!

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Do you research so you can decipher what is a good window from a bad one.

Once you have selected some good products to look at, take a look at the installation examples.

If you are trying to get in prior to the Tax Credit expiration you better get on your horse.

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+1 on the tax credits.

We aren't guaranteeing install before 12/21/2010 unless the order is placed in the next 14 days. There will be a last minute scramble as we are already seeing a huge up-tick in sales. Going to be a lot of disappointed homeowners.

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Thanks again, WonW. Yes, I may be late for the party and the horse may already have left the barn (sorry for the mixed metaphor!)

Ditto, Skydawggy. Thanks.

I'm having the Jayhawk fellow from Kentucky over for a second interview tomorrow. Is there any specific thing I should ask, look for, be aware of? He is the one who uses the Vinyl Max Easton or the SoftLite Imperial Pro. I provided a link to the installer's site above somewhere.

Thanks for any additional suggestions!

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Okay, the second interview has finished. The fine-tune estimate is as follows: VinylMax Easton, $10,850. which includes wrapping. Imperial Pro SoftLite, $16,600. including wrapping.

I don't think anyone here seems familiar with the VMax, so I guess I won't get feedback about it.

The installer seemed to think that the biggest advantage of the Softlite over the Easton was energy savings. From what I've read here, energy savings are not really a good reason to buy windows?

Any thoughts?

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Found your thread while looking for information on Alside and Vinylmax windows, two window one installer has suggested. Hard to find information on either one, but did find some on the Vinylmax that I emailed the company just a few minutes ago in hopes to get an answer.

Wondering what you've found out about the Vinylmax window itself. Installation is a big part of it, but I'm also interested in the integrity of the window.

Have you found out anything about the windows from others who've had them installed?


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