Finally! New Projects

gibsonaOctober 17, 2008

Have been in the worst slump for the past 2 months - both of my children moved out the same WEEK, but finally managed to sit back down and create. The BB is my first time with mirror. Of course, neither of them are finished yet, but at least I've started. I still "come over" and see what everyone else is up to. What an amazing group we are!! :)

Have a good one!


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Beautiful! I have to say tho, my kids moving out would NOT put me in a slump, I might have to throw a party!

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Ann the bb is beautiful! And if only my 29 yo (who moved in a couple of months ago to save $) would leave, I too would celebrate texasfern! (I'm usually in GardenJunk, but thought i'd check you guys out!)


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Hallelujah I say on kids moving out and STAYIN' OUT!!! I LOVE your projects. The BB is WONDERFUL. Such perfectly cut mirror squares. I've never tried gluing whole marbles on. You inspire me to do so. Beautiful box too. Glad you're back, and yep - mosaicing is the best way I know to get out of a slump. HOWEVER, I've been in a MOSAICING SLUMP. Slowing coming out of it, though.

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Ann I love both your pieces. Are you going to grout the bb? My DIL would love the purple box. Stay with it gal.

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Great - - new projects! I know the feeling of being in a slump . . . but I am finally coming out of my latest slump.

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Glad to see you back !! Love the new projects!!

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Hello gibsona!
I have to say, I went through major depression when my kids moved out. So much so, I lost a lot of weight, and was just miserable both times. I didn't do much of anything
for months. So glad you are creating again. I lost interest in sewing, pottery, and mosaics for so long, with each of my kids leaving home. Great to hear you bounced back so quick!

Those are great projects!

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Thanks ladies! Texas - I thought I would be the same way - been planning that day for years. Was just different when it finally happened. Glad I'm back!

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As I was reading back thru this I got to thinking about my 18yr old possibly going into the army in Dec or so. Kinda made my heart skip a bit.

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