Gorell 5300 Vs. Simonton 6500 (Home Depot)

bill400October 29, 2010

I have been shopping for windows for a long time. Looked at Milgard, Jeld-wen, Weathermaster, Gorell and Simonton. After months of research and some feet dragging I have narrowed it down to either the Gorell 5300 or Simionton 6500 from home depot. The Simonton 6500 from HD is just like the 5500 from what I have read. Sound control is a major issue so I opted for laminated glass on both bids. 7 windows in total.

Gorell 5300 sliding

Armor glass


Simonton 6500 sliding

Sound and Security glass


Both qualify for about $1000 back in tax credit

I am leaning towards the Gorell because I think it is a tad superior window and also cheaper. After seeing it, Armor glass is no joke, and should yield a good STC number. The Simonton sound and Security glass I have not even seen and would have to purchase without seeing a sample. However Home Depot offers a "Lifetime Warranty" on labor as well as parts. Vs the Gorell which offers 50 year parts and glass breakage warranty, however labor is not covered. The Gorell installer also has only been around 5 or so years, but I met the installer and it seemed he know what he was talking about.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The Home Depot Warranty sounds almost too good to be true. Anyone have suggestions on if Home Depot will stand behind their install?

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Edit - I re read the Simonton warranty and it seems labor is not covered. It only guarantees the installation was done right for life, whatever that means.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

As I stated on the other board, they are both great choices.

Seem like the Gorell might have the edge though.

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I am having a bad experience with Gorell windows. I live in NC and we replaced all our windows 2 1/2 years ago ($7000). They look absolutely beautiful...our trim color is on the outside and white on the inside, they work like a charm and clean like a dream. However, we've had to replace nearly every sash in the last year and a half (the good news is that they have a 50 year warranty). There are some seals in the top of each window and almost every one has had a rubber strip that has loosened and fallen to the bottom of the sash between the glass. One sash has lost its seal within the past month and has condensation in it. Our contractor is beside himself as he has to make an hour trip to do the replacements. They are not even sending the frames anymore...just the glass and he has to take the existing one apart and put the new glass in. I'd think twice about Gorell unless their quality control has improved.

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I have heard a similar story to yours pfmastin. It was either on this board or another window forum. Supposedly Gorell had a bad string of windows go out at some points. However your post will have to have me think twice. Who paid any labor charges in you case?

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It might have been me...I'm very unhappy with Gorell and so is our installer. I am happy to say that there has been absolutely no charge to us for labor.

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