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puzzlefanAugust 17, 2008

I bought a light duty belt sander (B&D) for a short lived project. Although there are instructions on grit choices, no info is listed for sandpaper types. What is the difference between resin based (?) belts and other sandpapers? Does one heat up less or last longer in use?

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If you just need some sandpaper to do a short lived project just about anything will do. If you really (and I mean really) want to know about sandpaper, click the link below. Klingspor is one of the biggest manufacturers of sandpaper and has tons of info about grits, backings, bonding agents, etc...

Good luck with your project ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Klingspor

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Thanks for the link. I have to admit I had never heard of that brand. I have half of the cupboard doors sanded and stained but did that by hand. I'm hoping a sander will speed things up.

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It will definitely speed things up, lol. But you'll want to be very careful using a belt sander, it can take off alot of material very quickly. Depending on what exactly you're doing you might be better off continuing by hand or using a random orbit sander.

A random orbit sander will allow you to use low grits (40, 50, 60) for fast material removal and work up to finer grits (120, 180, 220,etcÂ) for finish work. It is much easier to control than a belt sander.

I use my belt sander for trimming long edges, like 2x4's where on end will be slightly narrower than the other, or door edges that stick and for cleaning up chain-saw marks on wood I've cut from trees for projects. For finish sanding (or finish removal) I always use the random orbit sander.

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