Sorry to bother you again...more vaulted ceiling trim questions

ccoombs1August 25, 2008

I hate to bother ya'll again, but I am still puzzling over my vaulted ceiling trim. I think crown is out of the question, but there are two other options that come to mind. I think I have seen both of these done, but can't remember. I'd sure love to get some pictures, if anyone has any to share.

Option one: Use a chair rail molding about 4" down from the ceiling. Paint the area above the chair rail ceiling white. This would be an easy fix, if it would look good. I think I've seen it done but can't locate any pictures.

Option two: Run a baseboard trim against the ceiling, like crown only flat. Possibly dress it up with chair molding agains the ceiling. Again....I think this may look nice but I'd love to see pictyres.

Thanks for all your help.


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Why not head over to your local big box, pick up a few feet of each of these moldings and some double-stick tape? I suspect a little mocking-up might be better than trying to imagine your way through this.

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