power to outside building will not come on

volvo_85April 5, 2010

Hi all, I have a problem Husband was using trimmer on the yard and the cord he was using popped and turned black and stopped working. Later that night we noticed that the lights to the outside shed was not on. I have dusk to dawn lights on the outside. Checked breaker box and nothing was out of place. I went out to the building and everything was dead inside. I use the building as art studio so I have heat, refrig, etc out there. Have checked everything. Any suggestions. Thanks Volvo

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It's not uncommon for a breaker to trip without appearing to be tripped, especially a double pole breaker. Turn the breaker completely off and then back on.

You might also check for a tripped GFCI.

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what Mike said.

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You may have tripped a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter). Check out your GFIs. It may be one in the house that is feeding the circuit to the shed. However, a better wiring practice would have a GFI in the shed for the shed circuits.

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Thanks for the reply everyone. I have tried everything you suggested including turning off and on each circuit and still no power. I was trying not to call an electrician because of cost but I guess I will need to. Thanks again Volvo

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Have you checked each receptacle in the shed to confirm whether or not it is a GFCI (which would have a test button on the face of the outlet)? In any case, it may be a good idea to have an electrician out. If you had a cord that turned black, it could be just the cord or the trimmer, or it could indicate a problem that needs investigation to prevent a fire hazard.

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Kudzu non of the recepticals in the shed are GFCI. I have one GFCI in the bathroom and 2 on the outside of house and non of those had tripped. Volvo

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What about a GFCI in a garage or laundry room, or another breaker panel outside or inside.

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That cord for the trimmer was plugged into something. Was that a GFCI outlet? Is that outlet still hot? Was it on the shed or on it's own circuit?

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It's a GFCI. You just need to find it. Most often it is found in the garage behind the pile of stuff that never moves.

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Sorry to hear about your problem husband, but we are still interested in what the electrician found? Maybe that was just a Freudian slip on the husband deal.

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