woodburning advice for school project

momwalkinAugust 20, 2010

I have designed a bench from a slab of oak in the style of Nakashima.

It is a middle school project and the names of the children has to be on the project and they have to be involved in making the project.

My idea is to have the kids woodburn their names on the edge of the bench (where the bark was removed.)

The wood is raw and I am concerned that greasy kid fingerprints....will "stain" the flat portion of the bench as it is inevitable they will not be able to resist touching the bench. Should I finish the bench with the oil/varnish mix prior to the woodburning? Maybe just one coat just to protect the wood? My concern is if I finish the bench prior to woodburning there might be lots of fumes.

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Just cover the area of the wood you want to protect with some paper secured with tape. Or cardboard. Or an old towel.

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