Can an Installed Molly Bolt be Adjusted Slightly?

CassandraAugust 20, 2010

This is a cross post from Home Repair. Any answers appreciated! I hung a 36" coat rack on drywall with the two molly bolts it came with. It made a nice and secure hold, but to my chagrin I realized that the finished product was not level. One side is higher than the other by just under 1/4". Since I hate to start all over and drill more holes in the wall, is it possible to adjust one molly bolt so it is just slightly lower? The molly's face plate is on the surface (not sunk)and can be rotated. Perhaps I could dig out the bottom of the hole slightly and then push the molly a bit lower? Again, any advice welcome. And, yes, I did invest in a level this time. . .

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Start over with new holes. Molly's are junk. I recommend Hilti toggler bolts instead. Why can't you move the coat rack a couple of inches and cover the old holes at the same time?

Here is a link that might be useful: Hilti toggler

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"Start over with new holes. Molly's are junk. I recommend Hilti toggler bolts instead. "

They only provide reinforcement/load spreading in one axis, and have a lower load rating than Molly bolts.

So much for junk.

If you need to use Molly bolts regularly a setting tool is a good investment.
It pulls the screw to expand and set the bolt without any turning.

They are usually less than $20.

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Toggle bolts are stronger than Mollys. I have used several thousand of them. We stopped using molly's about 10 years ago once we discovered the Hilti togglers. No setting tool is required.

Molly's take more time to set with the tool.

Molly's also are made for a particular wall panel thickness, so often we would not have the right length Molly's for the job.

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