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concretenprimrosesOctober 31, 2011

Once I read a thread here where the woman said that her little daughter was bringing home glass that she found in parking lots to her mom for mosaic. I need glass for a GOG project but don't have anywshere near enough then I realized I have some nice blue bottles, and also "bottle green" ones that will work just fine. I broke them up and am tumbling the glass in the tumbler Calamity Jane gave me a few years ago. The blue almost disintegrated into tiny pieces, but fortunately I had a few pieces of blue and purple gallery glass to mix in from my scrap box.

Does any one break up bottles and use glass that they find lying around the town? Any advice?

What about the tiny tiny pieces and glass "dust" that is left over? Can I do any thing with that?



PS I am almost done my mosaic plant stand. Hope to post a pic in about a week (ungrouted).

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I have been using vases, etc, from the thrift. I learned quickly to check to make certain they are solid color glass, and not with a color coating, as it comes off during tumbling. I look down through the vase to the bottom. There you will see evidence of the coating being scratched, or whether it is solid color.
It turns out so nice after tumbling. I use an ice cream maker, as suggested by Slow.
I tossed the glass sand that was left over.

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I know what you mean , I got fooled by a red vase once! Never again. That said, I have occassionally bought flower shaped glass that I knew was coated, for plate flowers.

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I use wine bottles all the time have not had prob. with them disintegrating .I also use a ice cr. maker to do not leave in to long .

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I have used bottles/vases/cups/etc as anything is fair game!lol!

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I have been thinking about using wine bottles, especially the ones that are blue.
How would you all suggest breaking/cutting a wine bottle?
Then do you tumble it in a tumbler? Never thought about an ice cream maker. Does it work like a tumbler?

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Yes it is like a tumbler.I do not tumble all my glass .but every now and then I need to .Can't see buying a tum. so I use a ice cr ma.I have tumbled a lot of wine bottles I used it as mulch around my bottle tree it did not take long you just want to dull it a little.When I break them I put it in a paper bag and just hit it with a hammer.

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I never did that . I usually have so much stained glass scraps --- I'm buried in it. I must have thrown out 25 pounds of glass scraps last year . Good stuff,too. I advertised it on Craig's list for $5.00 .No takers .
*sigh* Now I'm starting all over again .

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