Looking for advice on Solid Color Stains

compumomAugust 29, 2010

Please share any experience with this type of product-- positive or negative. We're rebuilding our patio covering and the contractor mentioned that we might want to use SCS instead of white paint.This is a product which we are completely unfamiliar with. The patio covering will be fully exposed outdoors with crossed member timbers forming the "roof". We're located in Southern California and due to environmental laws we're unable to use oil based paints that are more durable. Any other suggestions for a lasting painted finish are welcome!

Thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful: A similar type of Pergola

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Someone is giving you bad information if they told you oil based paints are illegal in So. Calif. For exterior application you can purchase oil based paint or water based paints, also, oil based stain or water based stain, translucent stain or opaque stain. A call to any of the paint producers like ICI, Benjamin Moore, Fine Paints of Europe or any of the other major brands will verify this.

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I maybe misinformed as to the formulation restrictions, but the formulations have definitely changed--all the painters/contractors/designers have told me that. The trim on our house used to last 8-10 years, now after two it has cracks. And that was done in summer 2006 (touched up in late 2008) with Dunn Edwards paint. Also this was the painter who did the best prep work we've ever had! Our designer said that she has a customer who leaves the state to buy his paint just to get the more durable formulation.

Please tell me what to ask for. I've used BMoore paint for interior spaces, but agreed to go with Dunn Edwards for the exterior. Later on today I'll look at the cans and let you know what type of paint was used. I'd be grateful for more insight and direction!

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There is a seminew formula that is a cross between an oil base and water base paint. If material cost is not an issue, then you can purchase this type of paint from ICI or Fine Paints of Europe. I buy mine from ICI because it's too far to drive to get FPE. In any case, use the undercoat recommended on the can. If you think there are different formulas in different states, call the manufacturer, ask for the chemist, and he will tell you. FPE is a good one to call on this. He will talk your ear off. Call him for sure. Their phone number is 800-332-1556. Let us know what you find out.

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Update-- The contractor was here today and said after careful consideration he recommended we use paint and not stain. I will definitely follow up on your suggestions tomorrow! THANK YOU!!

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I suggest you purchase the paint, not the contractor. If you call FPE they will tell you all you need to know. I use ICI because it is closer but FPE will give you the best information and may be the best paint you can buy.

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