what color shutters should I do or should I do shutters at all?

knvcOctober 27, 2009


Please see the picture of my house. I am contemplating whether I should do shutters or not. If I do shutters what color should I do?

I don't have blinds up yet but don't know if it looks good without the shutters when the blinds are up on left and right side windows.

I was also thinking maybe I should do shutters only on center block.

Any suggestions?

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You should be able to photoshop some shutters on there to give your self an idea of what it may look like. Or even print the picture out and lay some hand made shutters on top of the photo to get some idea (crude i know).

I think you would not want shutters

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I am not sure how to add a picture to a post, i read the instructions but i still have no idea. I used photoshop to add shutters to that picture.

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Ok i think this might work, check the link

Here is a link that might be useful:

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thanks for the suggestions on photoshop. I did add the shutters in paint but we're still not decided if we need shutters for all or center or no windows.
Enclosing pictures with shutters on all of them and shutters on center block.
Also, we're thinking of matching the door color with the color of the shutter.
Any opnions?

As for adding picture to the post, I uploaded the picture to tinypic.com and pasted the html link.

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I don't think the house needs shutters, but if you decide to go with them I would say black. It's a great classic look with brick. Black door too.

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Shutters should be able to close together (or look as if they could) at the center of the window, otherwise they look silly. I would definitely not put shutters on your house. The style is not compatible with shutters, and there is no way you can get shutters big enough to look like they would cover the windows. Your house is stylish enough by itself without adding outside window treatments.

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