Window Brand Opinions Please

dadophOctober 15, 2010

Looking to replace a total of 12 windows with fairly standard white vinyl, double hung, double pane windows. I've gotten several quotes and wanted to get some opinions on these. All of them have been quoted at roughly $400 per opening installed.

Two different dealers have offered Alside Excalibur windows under their own house brand name.

One dealer has offered Thermalock Hallmark windows.

One building supply company (must provide my own installer) has offered PGT Spectraguard and Simonton Prism Bronze.

To me they all *look* pretty much the same, but then again, I don't really know what I'm looking at.

Have also been offered Gilkey windows at about $541 each installed and Gorrell windows at about $600 each installed.

We're planning to be hear maybe 5-10 years more, so while I want a good quality window, I'm not looking for a "forever" window, if you know what I mean.

Any opinions or preferences among those choices? Thanks in advance.

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Windows on Washington

Which one did you like the best and why?

5-10 years you will never net the return on investment from an energy savings standpoint and that is a horrible idea to base a window decision on regardless.

Which do you think will add the most value to your home?

Get the Simonton contractor to quote you the Platinum.

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Right now I'm leaning toward the PGT Spectraguard, as they look the best to me, design wise. As I said before, though there is not a *lot* of difference as far as I can see.

I understand the ROI situation. My motivation for doing this at this time is partially for energy savings. But it's more related to fact that the existing windows are super-cheap and several have experienced seal failures, causing fogging and condensation. And a few have suffered other problems with the lift mechanisms making them difficult to operate. I'm convinced that anything that I put in will be better than what I have now.

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Any other opinions? Thank you.

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I have the Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows and love them. We've had them for five years now and they're great. I liked the look better than vinyl, but couldn't afford the higher priced wood, so these were a nice compromise.

If someone is your area carries this line, they're certainly worth looking at.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marvin Infinity fiberglass windows

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PGT Spectraguard would be an excellent choice. Has a structural rating of DP50 and an air infiltration rating of .04. on the double hung. It's also one of the better looking windows out there IMO.

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The absolutely best window replacement company out there is Window World. They have been around for over 17 yrs the use dbl strength glass which is an 1/8 of an inch each pane compared to all the other companies that use 1/16. Better insulating and an all inclusive transferable lifetime warranty. There tax credit window with exterior trim is around 335 per dbl hung installed. Cant beat there window. I have 11 properties including my own and have them in every property. they are in 46 states shouldn't have a problem finding a dealer. also, there windows have the good house keeping seal.

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Sure and in what capacity do you work for Window World?

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Well he seems to know very little about what's important about windows like structural ratings, water and air infiltration, durometer glazing, vinyl formula etc. so I'd guess he's a manager. :7)

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