Tall Windows -- Do you like them?

carolin14October 18, 2009

Hi all,

We are getting all new windows and will stay in the same width but can choose a new height. Our house is a 1960's waterfront Cape Cod. We are going with casements in the back but double hungs with finelight grilles on the front. We are getting 3 dormers in the front.

Here is my question: For the front of th ehouse -- I like the look of tall windows from the outside, but re: furniture placement and privacy from the front & porch, I do not like them. We are planning to go with 4' high (we have 8' high ceilings) so the bottom of the windows would be "about" the height of a sofa or desk. Should we go 5 inches lower? Is this the trend?

Your input is really appreciated because I have been struggling with this decision.


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What will the distance from the floor to the bottom of the window be. I think to stay in code and not need tempered glass you need to be >18".

Beyond that i think taller is better.

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