Nutty Bids

nerdyshopperOctober 3, 2010

I wonder if installing windows has an effect on the intelligence of installers. I have had bids from several local window installers and when I tell them I want the top of the line model with the best possible insulating glazing, they all have bid for lower lines of their windows. I have had to call three or more times and still they don't get it. I am reasonably intelligent and can read manufacturers sites on the net so I know what I am asking for. Why at these guys all so thick headed?

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Why would you keep calling the same installers if they cannot even follow instructions on what to quote? What makes you believe they will be able to follow directions and install your new windows properly?

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This reminds me of someone trying to make a person who speaks another language understand what they mean by saying it louder and slower.

I'd spend my time talking to a contractor who sells to a more unscale, intelligent clientle and understand what they want and also carries the better products.

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You must understand, there are no more installers in our community. I have called 5 with same results. That is why I am wondering if they all just don't know their products or if something else is wrong.

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Try contacting the manufacturer and see if they can suggest anyone. If not, it sounds as if you are going to get a "bubba" installation too. Rather than that, I'd spend my time educating myself as to correct install methods and then either do it yourself or at least know exactly how it should be done so you are able to supervise "bubba". Have you tried talking to any of your neighbors to see who they use for home improvement projects?

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I don't know where you live but maybe you need to look in a surrounding community for an installer, there has to be someone that either you can find or is recommended by a supplier that can install what you want.

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