replacing casters with a fixed solution

wayneusseryJuly 29, 2008

recently picked up a ethan allen table and chairs... casters on the chairs would be interested in solutions to removing casters and replacing with a fixed foot.

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I get asked this every once in a while. While you can attach feet, there are usually two problems:
- Getting them secure since they will have a lot of leveraged stress on them.
- Having them look appropriate to the rest of the chair and blend with the rest of the leg.

I spent some time this afternoon repairing the bottom 1/3 of a couple of office chairs where the casters had split the legs. I ended up cutting off the bottom half of the leg at an angle, securing a new part with epoxy, and running a hickory dowel up the center through both parts. Now I'm restoring the taper to the legs with rasp, plane and sandpaper. I think you'd really have to hate those casters to go through this with all 4 legs on every chair.

If you have attached legs, for example on an upholstered easy chair, you can remove and replace them with taller ones. This is fairly easy, screw out / screw in.

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Casters can usually be removed by unscrewing and/or prying out a small cup. Glue an appropriate sized dowel into the hole, cut off the excess. You now have a solid end you can attach a foot to.

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