Mothball odor not gone

keptJuly 11, 2007

Hi again,

I have been airing out a cedar chest for 3 weeks now and have sanded also. I have left it outside in the shade. Is having it in the sun neccessary to get rid of the mothball smell?

I have sanded it inside and out. The outside looks great after 7 coats of Formbys but the smell on the inside is still awful.



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I think some charcoal would be your best bet at this point. Not the easy-lighting type!! It absorbs organic compound odors. And does a great job with steaks afterwards.

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Unused/dry coffee grounds in glass pie plates worked for me in an old trunk. Took about six months. I changed the coffee grounds every few weeks...used about three cups each time.

Also used those Bounce fabric softening sheets in an old cabinet. Never use the stuff for laundry, but it does displace/neutralize offensive odors.

Another option is a shallow layer of white vinegar in a glass dish.

If it is very humid in your area, you might leave the trunk out in the sun Only if humidity is low.

Have never had an "instant' cure for this problem-had thought some kind of alcohol(vodka?) might work...but have not experimented yet.
cella jane

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Just out of curiosity, I did a Google search and found this product. I know absolutely nothing about it, but it may help.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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