crown molding instead of shutters outdoors

jjbjrJuly 22, 2010

I am looking for an easy inexpensive way to add crown molding to my outdoor windows. I like the simple classy look it gives. Is there any way to install perhaps a PVC or other product that wont compromise the integrity of the window or the shingle. Or do I have to do it the old fashion way and remove the shingles and provide flashing.The windows are Anderson with a slight trim on a 1950 Ranch House. The measurement was aproximately 38inches across. If possible I would like to do it myself.I know there is someone on this forum that can help PLEASE. Thank you jjbjr

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I'm at a complete loss in visualizing what you want to do.

Crown molding has to be mounted in an angle. Doing that outside means caulking all the mating areas is necessary. And if there are any voids, moisture will enter and be trapped. That is a sure recipe for rot.

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I think the OP means outside window molding.

It creates the look of a decorative lintel above the window.

You can simply attach it through the siding, making sure the fastener holes are reasonably well sealed.

Screws through correctly sized holes seal well enough for most applications.

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Please excuse my Ignorance on the subject I am a complete amatuer. I have been told what I am refering to is a Window Header/ Pediment. I have cedar shingles and am trying to add a little decorative touch but dont want to get too complicated.

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Buy one you like and screw through the shingles.

Stainless steel screws would be good idea, with minimum sized pilot hole through the shingles.

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We all started out knowing very little about anything. I was not being critical and apologize if I came across that way.

What breckeyee said. Using stainless steel screws eliminates any rusting/discoloring. The old shingles will seal around the screws well enough to prevent water intrusion.

That also allows the addition sections to be removeable if new shingles need to be installed.

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Not at all! I was thankfull for the knowledge. You didn't come across as anything but confused at my inexperience. I am grateful for the patience. You have all been a great help. Much Thanks.jjbjr

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