Options for shallow recessed cans

rock324April 14, 2013

When we wired our house, we had to use 10-12 shallow cans out of about 60 total recessed cans. We used Halo 6-inch shallow recessed cans. I've attached a picture.

In the regular recesssed cans, we used 65 watt BR-40 bulbs. They look great in the regular 6-inch recessed cans because they take up a lot of space in the cans.

The problem with these bulbs is that they stick out from the shallow cans a couple inches and they look weird compared to other cans. Does anyone have any suggestions for me, maybe a shorter bulb that looks like the BR-40 so they match the other cans? I really any appreciate any help. Thanks

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Is that BR40 or BR30. If the latter, halogen PAR30 lamps should work. They come in both a long and short "neck" variety.

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We tried the BR30 and they were too skinny for our trim and there was too much space. We decided with the wider BR40.

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