Did I get taken?

klavierJuly 23, 2009


I just bought a router with a table from a guy on Craig's list. It cost me $40 for the two together. I couldn't get a very good look at it until I got home because the lighting at the guys place was low. When I took it apart I found the collet to be split. I wouldn't even know where to find a replacement collet for such an old router. I will say the motor is incredibly strong and the thing weighs a ton. The router is a Dayton Tradesman Model 2Z898, and the table is a Hirsh, the table is crap I will admit. I would like specifically to use half inch shank bits because I am planning to make some rather large mortise and tenon joints and can use the extra stability and bite.

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So the table is crap and the router is broken. Yeah, I'd say that was a bad deal. I doubt it will be worth fixing, and I wouldn't take the safety risk of using it.

FWIW, you can get a much newer second-tier brand (i.e. Craftsman) router on eBay for about what you paid, even after shipping costs.

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Isn't Dayton brand WW Grangers brand? May want to contac them about a replacement collet.

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Dayton is Grainger's house brand although I suspect they haven't made a router in quite few years. The repair parts phone number is 800-323-0620.

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