Living Room Layout-Help!

jenangelcatAugust 16, 2012

We just redid the floor and paint in the living room and are finally going to buy new furniture. I could never figure out the layout in this room and will be ditching the sofa/loveseat combo in favour of loveseat and chairs in the hope it will make things a little easier.

In the room I need seating for chatting, a small stand for a tv that we use for gaming and at least one end table for my computer.

Here's an old photo of the bookcase side, a newer photo (pre-grey paint) of the other side and a layout overhead drawing of the room.

Okay, not sure how to post multiple photos anymore so here's the links to them.

Last photo on the link

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Are you sure about your dimensions? If the south wall is 16-ft, after deducting 5-ft for window, and about 4-ft to left of window, that would leave 7-ft to the right of the window. In your photos, it does not look like there is 7-ft to the right of the window?

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The measurements are right, I used an online program for the layout, no idea how accurate it is. There's less than 2 feet between the left wall and the window.

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I think some comfy chairs in front of the book cases, one on either side of the french doors would be nice for reading. Maybe a table near the chair by the window.

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Your room is awesome! Reminds me of this one I love on Houzz (see link)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bookcases in LR

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That pic is great. The funny thing is that I've have been searching for a cow-hide rug to put down kinda like the one there! The biggest confusion for me is the tv. We weren't planning to have one in there but now we do for our playstation. Do we face the furniture towards the tv or not?

I like the idea of putting chairs near the bookshelves but then where do I put the loveseat? Also I want to avoid blocking the windows because they help heat the living room in the winter.

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Here's a more recent photo. All the furniture is going. It's in really bad shape. If all goes well the new furniture will be grey and/or navy.

The bookshelves are a mess right now as we are doing other renos and the shelves are functioning as a junk drawer!

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Well-- if you are getting new furniture, do you have to get a loveseat? In the picture I linked above, did you see the chaise lounge seating? Maybe something like that would work? Then your window would not be blocked-- and you would not have it right up against the window.

I would also suggest something with more legs (furniture you can see under) . . .that will open up the room more.

RE: TV-- if you use some lighterweight chairs or swivel (my kids would be too crazy with swivel though), that gives you options about positioning.

My DH was adamant about having a sofa face the TV. I find I prefer to watch it on the LS that is perpendicular to it. What does your family like? Are they up when they use your PS or sitting? How many people use it at once?

I suggest getting some chairs you have (any chairs) and playing around with them in your room, just to get a sense of flow and function.

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I love that chaise in the pic but when we had a chaise we never used it and I found it really awkward to place. If the room was a little bit longer I'd consider it but not sure how it'll fit in this space.

There's 2 adult and 3 kids so anywhere between 2-5 using the PS3, usually sitting. Once our wii is fixed though there might be some standing gaming. We'll eventually move the tv into a different room but that won't be for a couple years yet.

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Here are your pics together:

Two options:
(1) Two chairs in front of the bookcases (backs to them) but not close to them-- more in the middle of the floor. Loveseat (get a lower back so you won't block your window) would be facing the seats, away from the window.

(2) Loveseat with its back to the 5' window, but pulled away from the wall, more toward the middle of the room. Chairs would face window.

In both cases, the TV would be in a corner, but with an arm to have it swing out.

This is all I an come up with!

I also like the idea of the chairs facing the bookcases/ls facing them, but thought the flow might be interrupted?

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What about a small sectional in the corner with an armless end under the window and a matching ottoman that can be placed at the end under the window for more lounging or used for more seating if needed? You can build your own configuration on some sites like pottery barn, with armless pieces, corner pieces, chaises, etc. You could add chairs near the bookcases and have lots of seating and lounging space with minimal window blocking.
Kind of like this with the far right piece backless. Even with a corner piece with two backs and both end pieces backless and another ottoman or two for under the windows:

Actually, as I looked at this more it might be daybeds with moveable bolster backs, which might work really well, too.

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I agree - a corner configuration would work well, with chairs elsewhere in the room.

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I'll have a better idea tomorrow when I check out the only two furniture stores within 2 hours of me. I've been looking at their online stores and am not entirely impressed with the selection.

Here's a couple of plans I was playing around with.

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Plan 3

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I love your virtual kitty! Can you try the sectional in the upper right corner or is there some reason you don't want it there? It seems that would give the least window blocking.

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It's where the power outlet is for the tv. If I moved the tv to the window, I would be concerned about rain getting at it.

Should also note that I'm also somewhat reluctant to put furniture to far to the left of the room. The floor sloped so badly that when we fixed it, we were left with a 4" rise to the next room over. It's still a little sloped and I can feel it if I sit with my back to the French doors.

All the doors and windows really limit the placement in this room.

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I found the most beautiful love seat yesterday. I ordered it in dark blue velvet. It's got nice modern lines and shiny button detailing. It's very glam. I wish I would have taken a photo because it won't be here for about 8 weeks. I also picked two chairs. One in grey and the other in a grey pattern.

We also saw a upholstered bench/chaise that we may still get depending on how the other furniture fits.

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Very realistic floor plans with the kitty taking up a chair :) Except in the middle floor plan, poor kitty is sleeping on hard floor, LOL! I think your second configuration would work best. The last one doesn't appear to have enough seating for your family, and the first one has the sectional blocking a doorway which may make the room look overstuffed.

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I realized some time ago on looking at stacks of pictures I'd collected that I really like multifunctioning living rooms (even those in glossy magazines probably not actually used much). Such as a main conversation group with: A second one with a couple of chairs set for intimate conversation. A reading chair and ottoman. A desk and chair. Game table and chairs.

I think it was your bookcases that made me think of that because they offer additional function. BTW, this is the second room I've seen in a week with a wall full of bookcases and owners who have no intention of ripping them out. I could live there. :)

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We definitely won't be tearing the bookcases out. My husband built them!

Here's my latest layout. I'm sure I'll be moving furniture around for awhile once it's delivered.

Also, the loveseat I ordered easily fits three people. The arms are much narrower than my current loveseat.

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I notice the kitty is not allowed on the new furniture and must now sleep on the table.

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Lol only until I find new tables, then he's out to the barn!

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