Coloring Grout

texasfernOctober 23, 2008

Has anyone colored grout with enamel paints

I have done it with acrylic, but have a neat color that I would like to use in grout for a piece. (trying to conserve and use what I have on hand)

Thanks ya'll

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Can't see that it w/be any different than using the acrylic. Why don't you try half a cup full for a test? Whatcha working on? Fess up?

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I agree with Slow. Iknow you don't want to ruin your work. I think that enamel would be as good as acrylic. My thots. Let us see.

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You could paint the grout with the enamel paint after the grout has dried, but you can not mix it into the grout. Enamel is oil based, and acrylic is water base. Oil and water do NOT mix ! ! !

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thats an interesting point Rusty, and makes me wonder if there would be an issue on staining tesserae if its not water soluble.

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I wondered about dry time also-enamel can take some time to dry, especially in humidity and this could afftect grout quality also.

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I am sitting here with bottle of Enamel paint by Folk Art I just bought. 1st word on back is waterbase so some are water based now.This is glass enamel & looks like other craft paint but has an "E" inside a colored circle on the lid. So don't know if that is a help. It drys about as fast as the other craft paints but needs a week to cure so you can use (mugs, glasses etc) If this helps any texasfern!! Jan

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I have tons of lefover paints in water-based enamel I used in my house. Hate oil-based paints, so never used them. I've also painted grout successfully, after the piece is finished. Very easy to do.

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If it is waterbased enamel it should mix with the grout just fine. OP of this message didn't state what type of enamel she has, so I just figured it was the common oil based type, and was imagining the mess and waste of materials there would be if she tried to mix it into water based grout.

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See, this is why I ask questions.
I know that I know this stuff, but my mind tends to throw out unused information after 30minutes!
Thanks ya'll.
I'm just going to run to Michaels while I am out today and pick up acrylic paint, this I KNOW works.
I was just being cheap.
You guys are the best.
I'll post some pics as soon as I am finished.

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