Water-based clear stain not shiny enough!!!!

atragonJuly 22, 2009

I sanded my waterbed down to natural wood. I used two coats a water-based clear semigloss to give it a stained look. Then I used two coats of clear gloss and thought I was getting a nice glossy finish....but not so.

What can I use now to get a high glossy finish. I need to get this project done before the weekend....(the last honey-do for this week!!!)

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An "off the gun" (or "off the brush") finish will only be so glossy. Gloss is largely a measure of the micro-texture of the surface. To get a really see-your-nosehair high gloss, it requires rubbing out. What you are doing is creating a finer and finer scratch pattern until you start to get to physics and wavelength of light.

Start with whatever grit will smooth the surface without making more work. I use steel wool, lubed or not, wet-and-dry sandpaper, rubbing compounds, Abralon pads up to 4000, high gloss rubbing compound, Imperial hand glaze and Penthouse Polish. Start where you need to and stop when you are happy.

Be aware though that most finishes, waterborne included, need about 3 weeks to fully cure. The longer you can wait before rubbing, the better.

Rubbing finishes

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